Tender Notification

Sl No Department Title Tender Notification No & Date 
1 Civil & Electrical 91 different works under 13th finance general basic grants 2013-14 MCC/EE/TN/14/2014-15
2 Electrical Street lights installation in different locations MCC/EE/AEE(Electrical)/Solar City/TN/2/13-14.
3 Electrical Installatin of street lights in different locations MCC/EE/AEE(Electrical)/Solar City/TN/1/13-14.
4 Electrical Installation of Solar Systems MCC/EE/AEE(Electrical)/Solar City/TN/7/13-14.
5 Engineering Tar patch work in different wards MCC/EE/TN/25/13-14
6 Engineering Road related works in different wards MCC/EE/TN/26/13-14
7 Health Solid Waste Management related work MCC/EE/TN/27/13-14
8 Engineering Road related works in different wards MCC/EE/TN/28/13-14
9 Engineering Civil works in differnt wards MCC/EE/TN/29/13-14
10 Engineering Civil works in different locations MCC/EE/TN/30/13-14
11 Engineering Road works in different locations MCC/EE/TN/32/13-14
12 Engineering Road development work MCC/EE/TN/34/13-14
13 Engineering Construction of concrete drain MCC/EE/TN/35/13-14
14 Engineering Road works in different locations MCC/EE/TN/36/13-14
15 Engineering Civil works in differnt locations MCC/EE/TN/38/13-14
16 Engineering Construction of Rain water harvesting sewer bridge near Shanthala Theater MCC/EE/TN/20/13-14
17 Engineering Main two tower & roof of MCC building MCC/EE/TN/19/13-14
18 Engineering Revising the available detailed project report, preparation of tender documents and consultancy services MCC/EE/TN/18/13-14
19 Engineering Different civil works in different place within corporation limits MCC/EE/TN/17/13-14
20 Engineering Road works in different wards MCC/EE/TN/4/13-14
21 Engineering Construction of culverts in different wards MCC/EE/TN/5/13-14
22 Engineering Construction of buildings in different wards MCC/EE/TN/6/13-14
23 Engineering  Supply of  Heavy Vehicle drivers and cleaners to MCC on out source basis
24 Engineering Supply of auto tipper drivers to MCC on out source basis
25 Engineering Supply and maintainance of the jetting cum suckton machine of the LCH-10 model with the capacity of 8000 liters MCC/EE/TN/10/13-14
26 Engineering Annual maintainance & operation of the LPG crematorium in the Harishchandra burrial ground situated near chamundi hill foot steps MCC/EE/TN/11/13-14
27 Engineering Rejuvenation of the encroachment land in ward no. 5 beside muslim burial ground( survey No. 153) MCC/EE/TN/8/13-14
28 Engineering Collection of the solid waste in the sewage farm at one place using Hitachi of capacity 120 R MCC/EE/TN/14/13-14
29 Engineering Dasara Civil Works MCC/EE/TN/23/13-14
30 Engineering Solar installation and maintenance MCC/EE/TN/7/13-14
31 Engineering Procure,Install & Operate Public Bicycle Sharing System in Mysuru DMA/2015-16/IND3642

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